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Hentai: Valkyria no Tokkun

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he started laughing because my mouth fell open and my tongue started licking my lips, and he said that was the same thing my (P) did the first time he saw it !

The 3 of us went out in the backyard and stripped down and jumped into the pool , So (P) and (A) switched places and I sucked (A)s cock and it took longer to get him down my throat but I got it there,

(P) pulled out of (A)s mouth and jumped back in the pool and whispered in my ear that he wanted me since we were wrestling in the backyard and he grabbed my head and forced me to suck (A) in deeper and deeper ! (P) knew (A) would get off faster watch him force someone to suck his cock, before filling my ass with their cum,

(P) asked why I stopped wrestling with him and went in the house when he was 16

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